Growing Potatoes in home garden

It is relatively easy to grow potatoes. Using grow bags you can grow some of the potatoes your family consumes in small space. You need the space to be exposed to the sunlight for several hours per day, or use led grow light for that. Potatoes are vegetables that contain many beneficial minerals, carbohydrates, and some vitamins. I eat potatoes in any meal I want to be filled with comforting food. Eating your own potatoes is very rewarding and fulfilling.

You will need several grow bags like this. If you buy grow bags made from plastic, make sure they are “UV resistant” or you will have to buy a new one after one season.

Potatoes grow in the winter of hot countries. I attempted to grow potatoes in the summer – and got some leaves – but no potatoes. L Apparently, during the summer we can get some flowers and seeds that we can saw those seeds and get new plants. However, the common way to grow potatoes is from potato bulbs that start to sprout.

Potatoes are usually reproduced by sprouts from its bulb. These sprouts are called “eyes” here. To start growing potatoes, locate some potatoes with eyes and cut them out leaving some potato skin around it. You can use the rest of the potatoes for regular cooking. Let the cut eyes sit in the air for a day. Allowing the potato wound to heal. (Planting it without this can grow fungus and bacteria on it). To grow potatoes ‘eyes’ you can take some potatoes and put them in your refrigerator for a week or two. The Potatoes will consider it to be winter, and start growing eyes.

Planting the eyes

Take the grow bag and fold its sides down. Leave some space to have a place to plant the eyes. Fill the bag with soil and plant 5-10 eyes in it. Place the bag on some container surface to prevent water leaking on your apartment floor. It will also allow the bag to wick the water from the container to the potatoes roots. Don’t over water the container as it might rot the potatoes. When you water the container, fertilize it with liquid fertilizer. You can use commercial fertilizers or use worm casting for that. When you see potatoes emerge from the soil surface, unfold the bag to have more space and add more soil.
(In times of shortage, you can use human urine to water and fertilize the potatoes).

Potatoes should be kept in the dark. Sunlight will induce a chemical reaction that will turn its color to green. Green potato is poison and should not be eaten. Covering green potato with soil will reverse this reaction and the potato will be eatable again.

If you want to have thick skin on the potatoes, cut the leaves of the potatoes plant and let them stay in the ground for two weeks.

Three weeks potatoes


Potatoes are ready to harvest after about 8-12 weeks or when the leaves are wilting. With this grow bags it is quite easy to harvest. Just put some nylon sheet on the floor and spread the grow bag content on it. It is quite fun to discover potato bulbs in the soil and picking them up. 🙂



After harvesting, pick the soil from the nylon sheet and you can reuse it again and again. (After fertilizing it).

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