Growing Aloe Vera and its health benefits

Aloe Vera. Botanical name: Aloe Barbadians. One of the many variants of the Aloe family. The “vera” extension is “truth” and tell us that this plant is the real thing. The book of genesis, mention a fruit is able to make human immortal. Equivalent to god. Aloe-Vera might be this fruit. It is used to treat and even cure many health conditions. It is so healthy that there is a general recommendation to eat it in our daily lives.

There are archaeological artifacts from Egypt and china with Aloe Vera medical recipes. Indicating that this plant was used throughout the centuries to heal people. It has been used for thousands of years in many dozens of countries and cultures. In ancient Egypt, it was nicknamed “The Plant of Eternal Life.”

This plant might supersede cannabis as a magical plant that does miracles to people.

It was found to significantly help chronic inflammation of the digestive system (Crohn’s, colitis, etc). In high doses and for people with very sensitive bowels, Aloe Vera can initially cause softer exits than usual, which in itself is good because it releases “fillings”, relieves gut, and removes toxins from the body.

It has been found to enhance the activity of natural killer cells responsible for eliminating cancer cells.

It significantly improved the condition of diabetics.

It changes the lives of arthritis sufferers.

It contributes to a high energy level. Improving the absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat.

To protect itself. It is covered with thorns and a toxic yellow layer wrapping the gel called “Aloin”. The Aloin was used in the old times as laxative medicine. Taking this toxic for a long time can cause some health damages. It is easy to wash the Aloin off the leaves.
In commercial aloe vera products, the whole leaves are being processed into a gel. The Aloin is removed from the gel by a chemical process called “de-colorization”. This process does leave some Aloin in the gel. So, it is a good reason for us to cut Aloe Vera leaves from our plants. Wash the Aloin out and create our dishes from it.

The nutrients we get from eating Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains many valuable nutrients that are essential to our body. It contains about 200 types of molecules.

There are many vitamins in the Aloe Vera: A, C and E. Vitamin B1 (thiamine), niacin, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Some researches suggest that vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) exists in a similar dosage as in meat. – Presenting potential food source of B12 to vegetarians.

Scientific studies on Aloe Vera

53 humans received 250ml Aloe Vera daily. (This is a big dose. To get it you need to peel five big Aloe Vera leaves every day).
There total antioxidant capacity (TAC) reduced dramatically with no side effects whatsoever!

Research in healthy human subjects revealed that taking Aloe Vera significantly increased the absorption of Vitamin C and B12. Also increasing the blood ability to neutralize free radicals.

2005 research found that “the Aloes improve the absorption of both vitamins C (water-soluble) and E (fat-soluble). The absorption is slower and the vitamins last longer in the plasma with the Aloe Vera. Aloe is the only known supplement to increase the absorption of both of these vitamins and should be considered as a complement to them.”

Aloe Vera has a magical ability to restore damaged tissues. A study on rats revealed that Aloe Vera reduced the nerve injury after spinal cord damage.
Another research
injected kidney-toxic drug to rabbits. Revealed that Aloe Vera protected their kidney cells.

In a petri dish experiment, Aloe Vera prevented DNA damage to cells exposed to toxic materials known to cause DNA damage to living cells.

Aloe Vera gel found to significantly improve psoriasis wounds.

The increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the rising incidence of oral diseases triggered this research. It compared plaque buildup after mouth washing in 300 people. One group received aloe vera. Another group received Chlorhexidine (strong antibiotic chemical). The third group received a placebo. Both groups that received the effective content showed a reduction in the plaque buildup compared to the placebo group. “CONCLUSION: The results of the present study indicated that Aloe vera may prove an effective mouthwash due to its ability in reducing dental plaque”.

Urinal research found that aloe vera impact on the urine composition “Changes in the chemical composition of urine after aloe consumption shows its potential for preventing kidney stone formation among adults.”

Impact of aloe vera on the digestive system:

A Pilot Study of the Effect of Aloe Vera extracts in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) showed significant relief and reverse of the syndrome.

Oral aloe vera gel for active ulcerative colitis research showed impressive results. Third of the patient fully recovered in 4 weeks period!

Intestinal microbiota was taken from six healthy donors and put to ferment with aloe vera gel. “Our findings support the possible incorporation of the Aloe vera mucilage in the development of a variety of food products known as prebiotics aimed at improving gastrointestinal health”.

Research of Aloe vera syrup for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The results were: “reduced the frequencies of all the assessed GERD symptoms”.  The research concluded that Aloe Vera provides a safe and effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of GERD.

Impact of Aloe Vera on cancer:

Sarcoma cancer was reduced using aloe Vera in mice. Mice were injected with highly violent cancer (sarcoma). Without treatment, the mice died within 20 to 46 days, dependent on the number of cells implanted. A group of mice was treated with Acemannan (one of the ingredients in Aloe Vera). 40% of the mice survived.

Cancer tumors in a petri dish showed that Acemannan resulted in the initiation of an immune cell attack that suffocates the tumor.

In research on humans, a combination of Aloe Vera and vitamin C enhances the activities of “Natural killers” (NK) immune cells. Blood was taken from the subjects and put in a petri dish with a K562 cancer cell tumor. The treated blood showed an increase in the killing effect of those immune system killer cells. “These results indicate that vitamin C and Aloe Vera juice can modulate NK cells cytotoxicity and has the potential to enhance the immune system”.

Research on final cancer patients, that could not receive conventional treatments because of their poor state. Revealed that Aloe Vera decrease the cancer progression. “Suggest that natural cancer therapy with melatonin plus Aloe Vera extracts may produce some therapeutic benefits. At least in terms of stabilization of disease and survival. In patients with advanced solid tumors, for whom no other standard effective therapy is available.”

In research of multiple sclerosis on 6-8 weeks old male mice. Aloe Vera therapy attenuated disease progression.

Another study showed that Aloe vera improves memory and reduces depression in mice.

Using Aloe Vera wash reduced mouth aphthae of cancer patients which were given chemotherapy, reduced pain, and increased patient satisfaction.

Research on the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF or OSF). Compared treatment using Aloe Vera vs cortisone (with hyaluronidase). Both groups showed statistically significant improvements. “The study concludes that Aloe Vera can be an alternative, safe, and effective treatment regime in the management of oral submucous fibrosis”. While cortisone treatment has severe side-effects.

Impact of Aloe Vera on diabetes:

Research on diabetic type-1 mice. The researches took mice and killed their pancreas. The mice were treated with Aloe Vera. the finding where: “reductions of 35.9%, 17.2% and 11.6% in fasting blood glucose levels were observed”. (Depending on the aloe vera dose). This suggests that aloe vera can replace/amend insulin in type 1 diabetic people.

A study on people with prediabetes/metabolic syndrome. Found a significant reduction in cholesterol, sugar and insulin levels. The research concluded: “Standardized aloe preparations offer an attractive adjunctive strategy to revert the impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance observed in conditions of prediabetes/metabolic syndrome”.

“Meta-analysis” study shows that Aloe Vera eating slows sugar absorption. Reduces sugar level in the blood in the range of 46 mg / deciliter. The Hemoglobin A1C reduction of 1.05%. (This bring strong promise to people with “metabolic syndrome” or diabetes type 2).

The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera nourishes the body with minerals and vitamins. It has lubricant and antiseptic capabilities. It accelerates the healing of skin wounds and sanitizes it also. It can also heal our inner-skin – the intestines – that are lubricated, sanitized and emptied from feces.
So, Aloe Vera can be very efficient in a variety of gastro problems. It also accelerates the absorption of vitamins in the intestines. Making it great additive when we need to supplement our body vitamin levels.

It is found highly effective in reducing sugar levels in diabetes type 2 patients. It also reduces insulin resistance in prediabetic people.

It has cancer inhibition capabilities. It complements ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in healing capabilities.

It should be grown by most city farmers to have it at hand and use it in our daily lives.

Recipes using Aloe Vera

It is advised to use aloe vera from row leaves. This way you can wash the Aloin off. You should cut the leaf sides, and then the lower section of the leaves. Use a spoon to scoop the Aloe Vera from the leaf. After a while, you will become proficient in doing so.

Aloe Vera juice concentrate

This recipe is for the creation of a concentrated drink. Dilute it with water to have a fresh, tasty drink that will nourish your intestine and body.


10-15 mature Aloe vera leaves

Apple juice concentrate


Cut the side of the leaf. Cut the bottom of the leaf. Use a spoon to scoop the leaf content. Place the aloe vera in a stainer. Wash the aloe vera from the yellowish (Aloin) layer and place it in a blender. Add a similar volume of apple juice to the blender and blend.

Pour the concentrate in a bottle and place it in the refrigerator.

Put a small amount in a glass and dilute it with water. Drink it before meals.

Nutrition shake for gastrointestinal Remission

This shake can be drunk as breakfast. It can sustain the body without other food until late noon. In severe gastro problems, it can be used with a powder diet.


One Spirulina frozen cube

2 cm of peeled aloe vera leaf

Apple/banana/… to sweeten the shake.

2 glasses of de-chlorinated water.


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend. Drink one cup of the shake and store the remaining cup in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

Why should I grow Aloe Vera?

Growing aloe vera is quite easy. The plant is always green and blossom. It does not require special care.
Having Aloe-Vera in your vicinity allows you to use it in your diet and enjoy its health benefits.

There are two types of Aloe-Vera plants. One if smaller. The Aloe-Vera grows slowly, so I recommend growing the bigger one in several places in your yard.

Can Aloe Vera be grown hydroponically?

Aloe Vera is a big plant. So it can’t be grown in a small hydroponic system.


The green leaf that can cure you!


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