Growing Parsley hydroponically in Condo-Farm

Parsley (Petroselinum) is a plant that supplies our bodies with a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals. Eating one cup of Parsley leaves per day can supply most of the vitamins/minerals/ antioxidants your body needs. This will keep you in a healthy state. It can replace vitamin supplements and even (statins and blood pressure pills) drugs that you might be taking.

Parsley is also a spicy herb. When you add it to your cooking, it boosts its taste. Allowing you to use less salt and sodium in your cooking.

Parsley is easy to grow in our homes using the condo-farm hydroponic system. Using it, you can harvest the exact amount you want to eat and get it in its freshest form.


The Parsley health benefits

The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) is the amount of minerals/vitamins your body needs per day.

Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals. Just one cup full of parsley:

  • Provides the full amount of your daily calcium, iron, and folate.
  • All the vitamin A you need.
  • Four times the vitamin K you need.
  • 100% RDA of the vitamin C your body needs.
  • 20% of the iron your body needs.
  • 10% RDA of copper, 7% RDA of magnesium, 7% RDA of potassium, 6% RDA of zinc, and 5% RDA of phosphorus.

So, you can take:


Or, you can eat one cup of parsley instead.


Parsley is an excellent source of beta-carotene. This is an antioxidant that protects the body from free-radical damage and reduces the effects of aging.

A study published in a Urology Journal found that ingesting parsley leaves and roots reduced the number of calcium oxalate deposits in the kidneys of animals. And it helped to break down kidney stones. So there are good reasons to use it to treat kidney stone problems in humans.

The substance myricetin present in parsley has also been examined for use in the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Transferring to a vegan diet, as recommended in this Ted video, might even cure diabetes.

People eat parsley to treat the following health issues:

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Kidney stones (nephrolithiasis).
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.
  • Constipation.
  • Diabetes.
  • Coughs.
  • Asthma.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Parsley supplies a vast amount of iron the body needs.




Here is a good table of the Parsley minerals taken from a good article:

Nutrient Amount DRI/DV
World’s Healthiest
Foods Rating
vitamin K 498.56 mcg 554 911.4 excellent
vitamin C 40.43 mg 54 88.7 excellent
vitamin A 128.04 mcg RAE 14 23.4 excellent
folate 46.21 mcg 12 19.0 excellent
iron 1.88 mg 10 17.2 excellent
copper 0.05 mg 6 9.1 very good
calcium 41.95 mg 4 6.9 good
magnesium 15.20 mg 4 6.0 good
potassium 168.42 mg 4 5.9 good
fiber 1.00 g 4 5.9 good
zinc 0.33 mg 3 4.9 good
phosphorus 17.63 mg 3 4.1 good
vitamin B3 0.40 mg 3 4.1 good
vitamin B1 0.03 mg 3 4.1 good


Eating parsley can be done in various ways. The best way is to eat it raw. This keeps all the nutrients that the plant has available for your body.

Parsley can also be dried and used as a powder to spice up some dishes. This form provides you with mostly minerals as the vitamins are ruined during this process. To dry the parsley, cut it at the base and hang it in a ventilated, dark and warm place. (Similar way to drying cannabis). When it is completely dry, use cannabis grinder to grind that into small particle and store them in a used spice-can.

It can also be used in cooking. Adding it to meat can add a spicy taste to it. Kebab meat is spiced that way. It is also added to soups (at the end of the cooking) to spice them up.


My wife insists that I treat my Type-2 Diabetes and high blood pressure using herbs. So here are two recipes that work great for me:

Parsley Smoothie

Take one cup of parsley cut the big stems out. Wash it as needed and place it in a blender. If you want to give it to other people or your grandsons, you should make it a little sweeter by adding some fruits like Banana, pineapple, pear etc. Add one cup of water and start the blender. Blend for about 30 seconds until it is creamy. Add water if too thick.

Place in the refrigerator for half an hour to make it cold and serve your loved ones.


Parsley tea

This is quite simple. Take one cup of parley leaves, put it in a pot of water.

Boil the pot for 30 minutes on low heat. You can drink it hot or let it cool and place it in the refrigerator for a few days. After you finished drinking, don’t forget to eat the leaves for the minerals they have.




How to grow it in a condo-farm.

By now, you are probably convinced that this herb should be grown in your apartment. So, how do we grow it in our apartments?

Parsley is a biennial plant. In the first year, it develops its leaves and body. In the second, it develops its roots and seeds. By this year, it slows down in growing leaves and their taste becomes bitter. So, we want to grow parsley from seeds for a year mostly to get the leaves. (A hydroponic system like condo-farm does not emphasize on cultivating for root growth).

So first, you need to buy seeds and then seed them into an incubation pot. The seeds are very slow to sprout, so expect them to sprout in about a month. The seeds are also very small, so mix them with some topsoil in the incubator-pot. When the seeds sprout, let them have three weeks to mature.


When the parsley sprouts look strong, transfer them to the condo-farm system. Plant them densely as this is a hydroponic system which allows growth in a packed environment. This will give you more crops per planter.

In this condo farm set-up, let them grow to about 15 cm. tall before you start harvesting.

I do recommend using warm compost tea as a fertilizer mixed in the water. When I started to use my own compost tea, I could see the plants grow erect and much faster.



Using scissors, cut from the top area of several stems. (Not more than a third of them). This will allow you to enjoy a constant supply of parsley.

When you mature as a hydroponic gardener like me, you will eat them directly from the scissors. Enjoying every vitamin-enriched taste in every bite.



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