Nursery Seedling Planter

Germination Seedling PotThis planter is efficient to sprout seedling for hydroponic plants. It contains its own spring, confined and allow us to see what is happening there easily.
The planter is composed of 1.5 litters Coca-Cola bottle and piece of cloth. Take a used Coca-Cola bottle and cut it in half. Using scissors cut a 2-centimeter slit in the upper part. Allowing it to be easily inserted into the lower part. Insert the upper half into the lower one. Put a cloth in the lower section of the pot to prevent soil from dripping into the water reservoir. Fill the pot with potting soil. Pour some water into the potting soil and wait for the water to leak into the bottling floor. There is no need to water the pot as long as there is some water on the bottling floor.



Generally: the seeds should be planted in a similar depth as the seedling diameter. For big seeds, you should poke a hole in the soil with your finger and put the seed in. For small – powder like – seeds, just immerse the seeds with the topsoil of the plant.

Place a sticker in the pot indicating the seed name and the seeding date.

Seedlings appear in 1-3 weeks. If you don’t get seedlings within this time frame it can be one of two reasons:

  1. the seeds are bad.
  2. it is the wrong season for them to sprout.

Since the seedlings are for hydroponic small pot, There is no need to thin them.

Wait for about a week to allow the seeds to sprout.
Before bedtime, you should say “good night” to the seedlings.


The transplanting procedure is a somewhat traumatic procedure and should be done with gentle and careful. Wait for a week or two to allow the seedling to grow and mature so they will endure the transplanting procedure.

Take the soil out of the pot, gently extract the seedling from the soil. Rinse the seedling roots to wash away any remaining soil. (Remaining soil in the condo-farm hydroponic system can block the water flow).

Put the seedling in a cup, fill with clay pellets to hold them in place and place the cup in the hydro planter. The plants might look sad for a few days, but after they should revive and be happy.

After a month or two, you can harvest some leaves. Eat them or make a nice cup of Tea.


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