About us

Hello, my name is Michael. I am a physicist, veteran entrepreneur, and computer programmer.

I am ‘sustainability’ passionate and do many things related to it. I use a 3D printer. Printing hydroponic “window farms” systems for growing vegetables and herbs. On urban home walls.

I am operating in a local community garden. Growing some vegetables for my family. In the garden I created a raised wicking bed where I grow many vegetables in “a square foot” garden.

I grow Spirulina as the super food, Vitamin B’s source, and medication use. I teach Spirulina growing and sell Spirulina seeds to people willing to grow it themselves.

In this portal, you will find recipes for growing food in urban areas and creating things that might be in short supply.

I welcome you to donate recipes for growing food that you may have. I will give you full credit for them.

I hope you find this portal beneficial to you and your loved-ones.