Welcome to the urban farming portal!

This portal is dedicated to people wanting to grow their own food in their urban homes.

We are living in a world that is plentiful and cheap. We have so much food, that we spend money on diets to lose some weight.
Many things are competing for our attention. We are living in “future shock 2.0” era.
This can change drastically in a few months. World economy might slow down if the economical coupling between the USA and China break-down. In such times, people who know how to grow food in cities will have significant advantages.

This portal is written by a tree hugger person for the tree hugger community. Here you will find many articles and resources needed to grow food in your own home. Here you will find ‘sustainability’ related articles to making the most out of your surrounding. The first important article is the “Growing Red Worms” article. Showing you how to create vital compost from your food scraps.

Spirulina growing article allows you to grow important food that can substitute meat in your diet. In a medium-size aquarium, you can grow a substantial part of the food you need to eat.
If you want to start, you can buy Spirulina seed culture from us, and growing instructions.

Potatoes can be grown in small spaces using grow begs. Read all about it here.

Grow plants in apartments “condo farm” using Hydroponic. Hydroponics grow planets in a soil-less environment. Using fertilized water I can grow vegetables in up to 10 times faster than a conventional growing in lesser space. I am selling special ‘condo-farm’ system that allows you to hang-and-grow some of the leafy greens you eat.

Outdoor vegetable gardening can be done in an urban environment using a wicking raised bed. This type of growing is also suitable for root vegetables such as carrots etc. This bed is elevated and contain water reservoir inside it. So, the farming work needed to be done is easy, and we need to water the bed every other weekend. Read all about it in the “Building a Raised Bed Garden” article.

The idea of growing vegetables in urban apartments was started by Britta Riley, in her community do-it-yourself portal “Windowfarms”. Read all about it in the “The Windowfarms Project – where it all started” article.

Medical herbs can be grown in our own apartments and consumed fresh from the hydroponics growing system. Read all about growing Salvia Officinalis (Sage) here.


Parsley is one of the vital herbs we can eat daily to get most of the things our body needs. Read about its health, nutrition benefits, and how to grow it here.


Cumin is another impotent herb that contributes to body health. Read its benefits, and how to grow it here.


Turmeric: if you are to be stranded on a deserted island and can only bring one herb with you, then Turmeric should be at the top of your list.